Get Rid of Mosquitos near


Get Rid of Mosquitos near

FAQs | Mosquito & Tick Control Treatments

Frequently asked questions regarding our mosquito control and tick control services

Does Mosquito Police mosquito and tick treatments kill all of them?

No mosquito or tick treatment can completely rid your yard of mosquitoes or ticks. Mosquitoes from other properties could come over and bite you before it has a chance of landing on the treated areas. You will notice a drastic reduction of mosquitoes and ticks from your property, typically about 85%-95%.

Does All-Natural Treatments work?

Yes, but since it is more of a repellent, it must be applied every 14 days to remain most effective.

How can your Mosquito barrier spray continue to kill for 3-4 weeks?

Mosquitoes feed on the plant juices, so when they attempt to feed on the treated leaves, the residual from the mosquito spray will kill them.

Instead of the all-natural treatment, can I get the standard barrier protection?

Yes, of course. Our standard mosquito treatment is a great choice for removing 85%-95% of mosquitoes from your yard.

Do you provide mosquito and tick control for commercial businesses?

We do. We can service restaurants, parks, outdoor seating areas, recreational facilities, public pools and many other outdoor areas. Our services can be applied to businesses, organizations, municipalities and government agencies.

Do you have one-time treatments for outdoor events or special occasions?

Yes. We have a single-use treatment which is available for all types of outdoor events including birthday parties, outdoor weddings or receptions, family reunions, graduation parties, neighborhood events, holiday parties, and more. Our single spray treatments are provided 24-48 hours before your special event and will remain effective throughout the day and night.

How do I get an estimate and do I have to be present?

When you work with Mosquito Police, we can provide a quote over the phone or via email. If you don’t have time to meet, it is okay, we can quote you based on your address. Contact us to get a quote.

Do you alert us before you come?

Yes, we will alert you at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled treatment. This will allow plenty of time to reschedule if it is not convenient.

Do we need to be home for the treatments?

No. Because we will be alerting you before the scheduled treatment you will know that your treatment is going to be applied.

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