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Get Rid of Mosquitoes near

Common Diseases/Viruses from Mosquitoes & Ticks

Mosquito-Borne Viruses and Diseases

Zika Virus

The Zika virus is transmitted primarily from the bite of mosquitoes. Zika was discovered in 1947 in the Zika Forest of Uganda. The first case in humans was detected in 1952, and since then outbreaks of Zika have been reported in many places around the world. Zika symptoms are similar to the flu so it can be hard to recognize without proper testing. Per the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the majority of people infected with Zika may not even have symptoms or they are very mild. According to the CDC, the health risks from the Zika virus include birth defects, GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome), and Microcephaly.

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West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus (WNV) is commonly transmitted from mosquitoes. The most effective way to avoid West Nile Virus disease is to prevent bites from mosquitoes. West Nile virus can cause febrile illness, encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) or meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord). According to the CDC, protecting yourself with proper mosquito control treatments, will greatly reduce your risks.

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Dog Heartworm (Dirofilaria Immitis)

Dogs are very susceptible to heartwork throughout their life. This disease is caused by roundworms and mosquitoes. Mosquitoes carry the larvae (called microfilaria) of the roundworm and when they bite dogs it will enter the dog’s blood stream and infect them. Heartworm is a life-threatening disease for dogs, and cannot be eliminated but can be controlled or prevented. Starting at the root of the problem, eliminating the mosquitoes is the first defense again prevention of heartworm.

Tick-Borne Viruses and Diseases

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is transmitted through the infected ticks bit. Symtoms of Lyme disease include fever, headache, fatigue, skin rash, and lesions. If untreated it can spread to joints, the heart and nervous system. Steps to prevent Lyme disease includes removing ticks from your yard and areas you walk or hang out. With our tick control treatments we can rid your yard of the majority of ticks that could carry Lyme disease.

For more information on Lyme Disease click here.

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